Rosser Records was founded in 2019 by Nicholas Rosser Scott and William ‘Wit’ Waterfield IV. Our record label and recording studio prides itself on not restricting the recording, mastering or production of music to any specified genre. With artists representing folk music, rap, electronic and more, Rosser Records is at its core a collaborative hub, where many types of artists can come together to make their best creations yet. 

Our team works with clients every step of the way.  We guide them through the ins and outs of the music industry, what it takes to make a hit song and their own artist development plans. It is our hope with the contribution or collaboration of our team (and other artists), each one of our clients will have completed projects that are based on talent, not convenience.

Studio Rewind

Rosser Records’ Studio Rewind series follows artists and audio engineers through the process of creating a hit song from start to finish. Songwriting, production, mixing, mastering and more are all touched on by our expert team. Check out the latest episode in the series below and subscribe to the Rosser Records YouTube channel for more!